I Just Discovered an *Amazing* Show You Need to Watch ASAP

Guys, if you are looking for something new to watch, this show is amazing and binge-worthy, I promise. I just discovered Imposters, and even though this show came out in 2017, it’s definitely worth watching if you have not already. The second season just came out with 45-minute episodes, making it awesome for binge-watching or watching when you need a break from all this homework. It is interesting, funny, contains plenty of plot twists, the characters are awesome, and it basically has everything you could need in a great TV show. 

I am going to try to do my best to not do any spoilers here. The show is about a woman who cons many people by marrying them and taking every dollar she can get out of them. She has two other people that help her do her job and all of them work for a character called “The Doctor.”

“The Doctor” is sort of a mysterious character, but that’s actually one thing I love about this show. Imposters show his face and occupation, and the people who work for him have met him before. The show is based on the woman, her partners, the FBI, and the people she marries, and how they all begin to have an intertwined life. Did I mention all of the main characters are attractive? Um, yes, please.

This show will surprise you at every turn. Even when you think, “Oh great, this is usually when shows get boring,” that moment never comes. Imposters keeps you intrigued and has a really interesting, somewhat complicated plot line. The characters' decisions generally never go where you think they will and that is something I love about this show. The characters are also hilarious and I love the way they all interact and fit together. 

If you haven’t seen this show, and I haven’t convinced you yet to watch it, let the show convince you of how funny and gripping it is on its own. It is definitely worth the time and you will get some humor, heart-gripping, and shocking feelings when you watch it. It really is everything you need to have a good time. Next time you need a study break, check out Imposters- you won’t be disappointed. 

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