How Her Campus has Influenced My Life

I often think back to my freshman year of college and all of the things that happened to me that year. I came into school with a mindset of only doing things for myself because I didn’t want to rely on the people around me. I also didn’t want those people to rely on me for anything. I know, not a very open mindset for an eighteen year old. That’s how I felt though. I had such a sour outlook on life, relationships, friendships, and even college for a while.

Eventually I found my niche. New friendships bloomed from old friendships, classes became easy, and life seemed (as cheesy as it sounds) a little brighter. A huge part of finding my niche came when I was introduced to Her Campus at the University of Wyoming. A friend from high school told me that I should try it out, even if I didn’t write, it would be good for me to get involved in something. 

I went to meetings, but wasn’t as active as I would have liked to be. It took time for me to finally speak up. In fact it wasn’t until my second semester in the club when I became a consistent, solid member of this club. At this point in time, attending meetings no longer felt like a chore and writing articles was a form of stress relief as opposed to another homework assignment.

Eventually I took on a leadership role for HC U Wyoming. I knew that this would be challenging for me, and it has been. Having to write professional emails to my peers, professors, caterers, and student government members regarding the club was nerve racking. Standing up and running meetings has allowed me to project my personality on to this club, while also allowing me to build public speaking skills that will be important in all aspects of my life. Having to organize events, meetings, and keeping writers interested is hard to do, but I have found that I really enjoy all that I do with this club.

Looking at my time with Her Campus at the University of Wyoming is a sort of refreshing. I have gained so much confidence and I have grown into a strong woman that is willing to help others and take on new challenges. I no longer have a sour outlook on the aspects of my life. Being a member of Her Campus has influenced my life greatly. I truly believe that I would not be on the same life tract that I am on now, without the experiences I have gained from Her Campus.