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How to Combat Your Mid-Week Slump… On a Monday

Have you ever hit your mid-week slump on a Monday? Cause same, friend, same. All I wanted to do was lay in bed today and eat chips with salsa. Yet, duty called (duty as in class and work lol). Though it was extremely hard to jump out of bed and find ways to be productive, I did it one step at a time. Sometimes working little by little to a goal is the best way to beat that mid-week slump.

1. Get out of bed and shower

A hard first step, but I think you can do it. Do a good morning stretch and start your routine!

2. Clean your room

Even if you’re just making your bed, this will kickstart your productivity for the day.

3. Make a list

This is always the easiest way for me to get started on my plethora of assignments.

4. BLAST, and I mean BLAST your favorite song

Currently, my favorite song is Nightmare by Halsey. It makes me feel unstoppable.

5. Breathe.

Yes, it is only Monday and this week may feel like it is going to last forever, but everything eventually comes to an end!

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