HC U Wyoming Where Are They Now?: Kaitlyn Suppes

*All photos courtesy of Kaitlyn Suppes*

Name: Kaitlyn Suppes 

Year graduated: 2017

Degree: Marketing with a concentration in customer experience management

Current occupation: Coolture Coordinator for Realty ONE Group Dream - essentially the marketing director for the company, focused on building our brand through social media and creating an awesome environment for our affiliates/real estate professionals

Her Campus involvement: I was an editor for a while, then became the CC. I also was a Region Leader and Chapter Advisor where I worked with other chapters across the US to help them set and achieve goals. 

Why did you join Her Campus Wyoming?

I had a friend suggest that I join as I was always passionate about writing. 

What does/did Her Campus mean to you?

Her Campus was my creative escape from my overly hectic college career. I loved not only getting to do what I was passionate about, but to surround myself with strong female leaders.  

Has being involved in this club helped your career plans?

Unfortunately, not really, no.  I remained a Region Leader and Chapter Advisor after graduating, and that helped my transition into the adult world a little easier as I got to continue my same routines and relationships. Eventually it just became too much and I didn’t have the time I needed to really devote myself to it. 

What is your favorite article/memory that you can recall?

We did a sexual assault awareness week. It was a beautifully raw week of articles, but so important. There were several individuals (outside of HC) who reached out to share their story and it just made everything that week so much more valuable. It felt like we really made an impact in letting others know they weren’t alone and their truths mattered. 

What have you been up to post-college?

I moved to Columbus, Indiana where I work in an incredible job. My fiancé and I recently purchased a home that we get to spend our weekends fixing up. In our limited spare time we like to make the most out of life by attending sporting events, trying new craft beers and traveling. (Currently responding from Germany, getting to do two out of three of our favorite things) 

Do you have any pets?

Yes! We have spoiled cats. *eyeroll* I’m really hoping to adopt a dog soon and add to the family. Boba in a box and Little Cat. Yes, that’s really her name.

What is the best advice you could give your younger self?

Relax. Easier said than done, even now... but I spent all of college working, in class or taking on extracurriculars. I definitely took on too much and wish I would have relaxed a little and actually enjoyed college. 

Favorite place in the world?

My couch. After long work weeks and working around the house when we’re off, nothing is better than when we have time to turn on The Office and just relax. 

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

I would be an Audrey Hepburn pink with gold glitter sparkles in it. Audrey Hepburn just exudes class, and pink has that bit of sassy attitude backing it. (Except I have a bit more sass than that) And the gold glitter is my little extra pop at the end because it wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t gold or glittery. 

Any advice for current HC U Wyoming members?

Always make time for your passions! I never realized how important it was to do something that makes you happy until I was no longer doing it. Even if it’s just five minutes, that time with your passion will relieve so much stress and revitalize you. 

*All photos courtesy of Kaitlyn Suppes*