Guide to "Laradise"



Laramie, while remaining a small town, has its perks. Most students are able to live within walking distance of campus or one of the shuttles. During the summer many locals and students typically ride their bikes to and from town. You will find, almost right off the bat, that the locals here are some of the nicest people you’ll meet. From shop owners to those passing by on the street, a friendly smile is a constant.

To UW students, Laramie is beautiful, fun, safe, low-maintenance, and overall one of the best spots in Laramie. Afterall, we don’t call it Laradise for nothing.


Laramie is full of great opportunities to stay busy. First of all, you must see the downtown area. Our eccentric downtown is full of adorable shops, hip coffee shops, and mouth-watering restaurants. During the summer, the downtown farmers markets are the perfect place to spend a Friday afternoon.

Laramie is located right in the perfect area for nature enthusiasts as well. We are just a little over 40 minutes from the Snowy Range, 25 minutes from Vedauwoo, and 30 from Curt Gowdy. If you’re lucky enough to spend your summer in Laramie, be sure to hike at least one of these locations.


While cars are allowed on campus, parking is slim to none. There’s a few place to park on Ivinson, or off of WIllett, but the on-campus parking spots are few and far between. They also cost $1 an hour, so be prepared to pay. Otherwise, the best bet is to ride a bike in the summer months, and take a shuttle the rest of the time. There are two shuttle lots. The East and South lots are located in convenient locations for students to park for free for the day. Be aware of when the shuttles stop running, and make sure to show up long before your class starts.