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I know it is right at the end of summer but, in my opinion, flowers are important year round. I would like to give you all some basic flower names so you know what you’re looking at and so maybe you can use them next year when you are planting your own flowers! I am a gardener during the summer and I’d like to think that I learn from one of the best. My boss teaches me so much every summer and I would love to share that information with you! So here are ten flowers I think are the most common, yet helpful to know! 


1. Petunia

Petunias come in many different colors and varieties, including huge baskets and more single looking ones. They are most common in red, blue, pinks, or purples although the colors are endless. 

2. Calibrachoa 

These look like a mini version of the petunia and again, come in many different colors. They are more bunched looking and trailing. 

3. Zinnia

These are a tall flower and can be single or double with a huge array of colors. They generally grow a single flower at first, and then multiple. They are a simple, beautiful flower!

4. Geranium

Geraniums have a base covered in leaves and from there sprout many different clusters of flowers. They grow prolifically during the summer and are a great addition to any pot. 

5. Nasturtium 

Nasturtiums are absolutely gorgeous and have a round leaf, giving them a different look. The colors are extremely vibrant and look beautiful anywhere. 

6. Canna Lily 

Canna lilies grow different shoots and have many blooms on one shoot. They have huge leaves and stand out in any pot. They are beautiful in their uniqueness. 

7. Cosmo

A cosmo also grows tall and has an abundant amount of flowers. They are a classic flower with beautiful thin foliage. 

8. Marigold

The marigolds are a classic everywhere yet certainly stand out! They have a beautiful flower and and an interesting smell!

9. Lantana 

Lantana have groupings of tiny flowers that range from red to yellow. They have great foliage and can be trailing. They are great for a low growing, vibrant flower. 

10. Impatiens 

Impatiens enjoy the shade and come in many different colors. They bloom their butts off during the summer and are great for a place that does not get much sunlight. 


I hope this helps and informs people who love flowers or are even just curious what a flower might be when you walk by one!


I am the current co-correspondent of the University of Wyoming! I spend my time reading lots of historical information, cooking, going out with my friends, and eating ice cream. I am a history major and my plans are to attend grad school to be a public librarian!
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