Get Informed: Voting in 2016

Young Americans need to make voting a priority because ultimately the decisions made affect us long-term. Regardless of who you vote for, just go vote. In the state of Wyoming, any American citizen has the ability to vote, so take advantage and vote. Why wouldn’t you want to have a say in who runs your country?

While we have time before voting, get informed about the candidates. I don’t just mean the presidential candidates either. Plenty of people are running for local and state government, and if you don’t really care about government on those levels, then you are very misinformed. Get informed about local candidates because they play a large role in change that more directly impacts you.

Get informed about your presidential candidates and educate yourself on the electoral college. For something that only happens every four years, knowing about the process of electing the country’s leader is pretty important. Kind of like knowing about the candidates themselves, therefore don’t just read one media outlet to learn about candidates.

Get information from various sources. Although relying on various sources to gain information about candidates and what they stand for, keep in mind, all media outlets have an agenda they are trying to push. Gathering information from various places provides a more in-depth examination of the candidates, with some bias. However, looking to one source provides a narrow look at the issues. Use your best judgement when learning about candidates and when voting.

Get informed. Go vote.