Finals Week Explained by Tina Belcher

When you go into the week positive and motivated:

But then you start studying and everything goes downhill:

Your alarm goes off in the morning and you just:

You realize you might not graduate if you don’t pass this test:

You try to stay positive but you’re slowly falling into a pit of despair:

Your friends nearly cry when you send them your study guide and you’re just like:

You walk into your first test and literally want to die:

You try to give yourself a pep talk afterward even though you’re pretty sure you failed:

You get through your next few finals and your mental state only gets worse:

You walk into your next final and know no one else studied for this test either and you’re like:

At every turn, you feel your life spiraling further out of control:

You realize you’re just going to have to marry rich if you want to be rich one day so you start talking to boys in your classes like:

Then you start frantically emailing professors pleading them to pass you even though you haven’t said a single word to them all semester:

You start having crazy dreams induced by the weird foods and excessive amounts of caffeine you’ve had:

Your friend comes up to you having a mental breakdown and you have no extra room for panic in your brain so you’re just like:

Even when you try to look poised and graceful, it doesn’t work:

Finally, you walk into your last final like:

Then you realize it’s officially summer and you just:


Have a great summer break, collegiettes!

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