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A Farewell Letter to Autumn: Wyoming Edition.

Alright, so even though fall is over now, I would like to share with you some photos of Fall in Wyoming and give our last goodbyes for being the most beautiful and best season ever.


Dear Autumn,

           you’re such a wonderful surprise each year, with all of your endless beauty. The rows of trees shown in an array of red, orange, yellow and green colors, with gold undertones. The shimmering light shining through the trees, it looks like magic. I can see the sun smiling back at me during the late afternoons. I love walking to class and seeing the leaves gracefully fall off the cottonwood trees and watching a pile of leaves in various sizes, dancing and twirling around beside me.


Yet, what I love most about your season, is how everything slowly changes. The colors, the leaves freely falling one after the other and the weather turning to a crisp, chill air. Morning dew is present and it is time to start over.

           Thank you for providing us with an endless amount of fall festivities. Like walking through the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin, strolling through sunflower fields, drinking cinnamon spiced apple cider, pumpkin flavored everything, bonfires, apple picking, oversized sweaters, fall scented candles, pumpkin carving, Halloween, jumping in an enormous pile of leaves and photo shoot sessions with your besties that love this season just as much as you do.


           Autumn, thank you for providing us with a chance for new beginnings. Even though we haven’t had much of a Fall this year and Winter took over for a few days, I’m glad that you still stuck around for the time being. Now that it has come to an end, I just wanted to thank you and show my appreciation by writing this letter. Please know that you will forever be my favorite season. I’ll miss you.


Until next time, your number one fan,







Hilary Lindell

U Wyoming '18

Hilary is a graduate from the University of Wyoming where she got her degree in Communications with a minor in Marketing. She is an avid coffee and tea drinker, enjoys fall, reading, traveling, golfing, fashion and random adventures. Originally a Wyoming native, she has always had a love for the ocean and wished she was a mermaid living near the sea.
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