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Window Sun Curtains Plants Apartment
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Everything You Need To Do To Get The Cleanest Apartment

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Wyoming chapter.

There’s nothing better than a clean apartment, especially if your life currently feels a little messy. A tidy living space has the ability to give you a more optimistic outlook on school, life, and the world in general.  Plus, the process of cleaning can be relaxing believe it or not! The trickiest part of cleaning is getting started, so I’ve compiled a list of my best methods and tips from years of being a clean freak to help you get started on getting the cleanest apartment! 

1. Clean All the Hard Surfaces in the Kitchen 

Wipe down all the hard surfaces in your kitchen with an all-purpose cleaner and some paper towels or rags.  If you get a concentrated solution, make sure to follow the instructions to dilute it in a spray bottle of water. Wipe down the stovetop, inside of the microwave, and any appliances you have sitting out.  Move everything off of one section of the counter, wipe it, and then put the stuff back. Repeat until it’s spotless, and don’t forget to clean your dining table as well! 

Tip: Do this before you clean the floors, so that anything that gets wiped off the counters will get swept up later. 

2. Sweep and Mop the Floors

Sweep first to get all the crumbs, dust and hair off the kitchen, bathroom, and/or other hard floors. Depending on the broom, there might be debris stuck in the bristles, so make sure to get it out before putting the broom away.  After sweeping, mop the floors.  You can use an actual mop if you have one, but I have found that using a Swiffer with an old rag attached works best for me.  Whatever you decide to do, mix up some mop solution with your all-purpose or floor cleaner and get to work! 

Tip: Cut up an old bath towel to make rags for your Swiffer. 

3. Clean the Tables and Furniture

While you have your all-purpose cleaner out, wipe down any tables or stands in your living room area.  Next, grab the vacuum and get all of those crumbs out of your couch. Dust any decorations, windowsills, and shelves. 

Tip: If you’re worried about sucking up something important caught in the couch, put a thin sock over your vacuum hose detachment and it will catch anything you collect. 

4. Return Random Items Back to Their Spot

I don’t know about you, but at the end of the week I find so many random things in random places. Whether they get moved, or seem to move on their own, it is important to return them to the place they belong so your apartment can look tidy and organized. 

Tip: Make sure everything has a home! If you have an object, it should have its own specific location. If you own something that doesn’t have a location in which it gets stored, give it one.  

5. Clean All the Hard Surfaces in Your Room 

Depending on the surface material, use a duster or some all-purpose cleaner to wipe down furniture and other objects in your room including your bed headboard, desk, chair, dresser, etc.

Tip: Dust before you vacuum so that you can get anything that falls onto the floor. Use a wet rag to clean anything above an area you are unable to vacuum, like your bed, so that the dust sticks to the rag instead of falling. 

6. Pick Up Anything Random on the Floor and Vacuum

Tip: Move things to vacuum under them instead of just around them.

7. Make Your Bed 

If you’re feeling crazy, you can even change or wash your sheets. 

Tip: Wash your bedding in two loads, so it’s easier to dry. 

8. Make Those Mirrors Shine 

Grab some glass cleaner, or your all-purpose cleaner yet again. Use it to spray and wipe your mirrors clean.  Pay special attention to any mirrors by the sink in the bathroom since they get the dirtiest. 

Tip: Use a glass cleaner on any stainless steel fixture, like sink handles, to make them shine. 

9. Scrub the Sink, Toilet, and Shower

Use a bleach cleaner or a bathroom cleaner to scrub down the countertops, sink, toilet, and shower in your bathroom.  Don’t forget to scrub the bathtub if you have one. Even if you exclusively take showers, dirt easily accumulates in any texture, cracks, and/or sealing of your bathtub.  Scrub the toilet exterior with the bleach cleaner or bathroom cleaner, and then use a toilet bowl cleaning solution for the interior. Before you leave the area, remember to wipe down doorknobs and any handles. 

Tip: Wash your shower curtain every once in a while.  It collects dust and dirt too! 

10. Clean Any High Touch Objects 

Carefully wipe down light switches, door knobs, handrails, remotes, handles to the refrigerator and microwave, and anything else that you touch often. 

Tip: Quickly run through your daily routine to help identify high touch objects. 

11. Enjoy Your Clean Apartment

You did it, congratulations! Now you can relax in your spotless apartment.