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Easy Halloween Costumes for the Busy College Student

Halloween is on a Wednesday this year (BOOOOOOO), but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and still celebrate the spookiest holiday of them all. Here are 6 easy halloween costumes for the busy college student.

1. 50 Shades of Grey

I find this one hilarious because my sense of humor is awful. All you have to do is take paint swatches from your nearest home improvement store (or Walmart) and attach them to a shirt! Easy as pie, and there is nothing promiscuous about it.

2. Rosie the Riveter

This is my personal favorite and just so happens to be what I am doing for my costume this year. All you need for this is denim on denim, some boss lady boots, a red bandana, and red lipstick. You’ll be the epitome of “girl power” at the party.

3. La Croix

Have you ever wanted to dress up as “fruit” flavored seltzer? Yeah? Well here’s your chance! All you need is a tie-dye dress and a black permanent marker.

4. Scarecrow

This is perfect for anyone who loves flannel. Plus it will keep you warm on that cold October night. All you need is a flannel, jeans, and face paint!

5. Supersonic Alien

Love space and shiny things? An alien is perfect for you! Throw on some galaxy leggings, a simple black or colored shirt, antennas, and all of the shiny makeup and you are set!

6. Vampire

Whether you’re a fan of Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire or you have watched every episode of The Vampire Diaries, this costume is a classic. All you need is some fake blood, fangs, and dark clothing.


Happy Halloween!!!

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