The Difference Between Freshmen and Seniors: As Told by a Senior

For freshmen, college is this new and exciting place. For seniors though, this place has become the bane of our existence. You can’t wait to meet new friends, and we can’t wait to get the hell out of here. That being said, it’s easy to see that we are clearly from two different planets and these memes prove it.

  1. It says 8am, but let’s be real. This is us all the time.


2. None of us know what’s going on. At least you are still trying though.


3. My favorite thing about being the only senior in a freshman level class is sitting next to a girl who had three pencils, a calculator, the book, and a notebook on her desk. As for me, I had some snacks and my phone.


4. Yes, you look cute. But let me know how walking home in those shoes goes for you. Also, when its -30 degrees (because its Laramie) wear a damn jacket.


5. Do I have a washer and dryer? Yes. Do I do my laundry with it? No. Over 90% of my outfits come out of the laundry and are worn based on the “smell test.”


6. My class starts at 8:00, that means my alarm goes off at 7:50. End of story.


7. Seriously though. Your energy is draining me and making me a tad nauseous.


8. Me: “I remember when I came to school and planned on getting a 4.0.”



9. Life hack: use your money for books to buy beer. Drink the beer until you forget you needed books.**


**not sound advice. Do not actually follow this advice.


10. When you talk to freshmen and you’re trying to match their enthusiasm and lingo.


11. It’s been a long four years.. Okay, five years..


12. When freshmen try to tell you how difficult their classes are and you’re just like…


13. The freshmen 15 is a myth. But the senior 15… Now that’s the worst.


14. ‘Nuff said.



15. At least at the end of the day, we all can relate to one thing...

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