Diary of a College Senior: Pt. 2

Six weeks left. Holy. Crap.

Not going to lie, this semester has already flown by. I have no idea where all of my time has gone, and I still barely have time to eat or sleep. Fantastic, right? Welcome to Diary of a College Senior, pt. 2.

Considering how busy I have been and how far behind I’ve gotten, you would think I would have been smart and caught up or got ahead during spring break. Nope. Definitely didn’t. But I did get a taste of life after graduation. Just going to work and going home, not having to deal with studying and homework and classes on top of it. It seriously was a little piece of heaven to not have any responsibilities beyond going to work and doing my job. Not even kidding.

However, in order to do that, the whole job after graduation thing still needs to happen. I’m still running into “need experience for this entry level position to get experience”. I’m also getting to the point where I should try doing some general walk in’s (a.k.a show up at a business and beg for my life), and that is one thing I am definitely not good at, in any way, shape, or form. I don’t do very well with the talking to strangers when there is no appointment or something similar.

As we move into the last home stretch of our college career, we have to remember to take time for ourselves, even when it feels like you have no time or energy. Heck, find friends to bring you alcohol, chocolate, or even just someone you can curl up and cry on. At this point, I’m up to people offering to feed me and then give me alcohol, so that I actually go to bed rather than stay up for more class work. Not sure how healthy that is, but it’s only like a month and a half more, right?

Stay strong, compatriots! I know, just like all of you,  how difficult this is right now, and how ready to quit you are. And, I also know how isolated you can feel when you get to that breaking point of stress levels. Express yourself in whatever way you have to, take time to go work out, or just binge on food for a couple hours over a weekend. At this point, just do whatever you have to do to make it to the end and get the opportunity to walk across that stage, come hell or high water!

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