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It’s icy season y’all, which means the ice is now your worst enemy. It wants you to fall and embarrass yourself in front of everybody and give you a sore butt. But in the midst of all these things, arises a champion, you, when you learn about the best ways to prevent falling and overcome the ice! 

Do you want to look like this? 

Neither do I! So here are some tips and tricks. 


1. Wear the right shoes

Wearing shoes with traction will help a lot when you’re trying to go over ice. Even if there is snow on top, it will still help you keep your footing.


2. Lay down some salt 

At least it will help get rid of some of the ice so you can safely go about your business. And don’t forget to buy the mix made for melting ice. 


3. Penguin walk

Don’t try to walk to fast! Otherwise you might take a serious fall, which is what we’re trying to prevent. Do a little penguin waddle which will help you get across safely. 


4. Possibly use spikes if you want to get serious

If you are really afraid and want to use a little cheat to get across the ice, go ahead and use some spikes. You will definitely be a champion then!


5. Avoid the ice…and just stay home 

Finally, if you don’t want to go out at all, just stay home. Cozy up, make some hot chocolate, and watch a movie. You can wait until the ice melts to make it safely to your destination. 


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I am the current co-correspondent of the University of Wyoming! I spend my time reading lots of historical information, cooking, going out with my friends, and eating ice cream. I am a history major and my plans are to attend grad school to be a public librarian!
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