Best Thing About Quarantine - More Time With Pets!


I know this quarantine has been really difficult for a lot of people. Not being able to hang out with friends or family has been tough but I’m here to tell you we can do this! I also know that many people have pets or have been fostering pets during this time which is awesome! I have been spending lots of time on Reddit and if there is one thing I know we can appreciate and have been appreciating, is more time at home with our pets. As I do not have animals of my own while I am at college, I have greatly appreciated being able to stay home and hang out with my puppies (although they are fully grown) and my cats. I am sure plenty of other people can say the same. They also probably love spending time with us, although that might not be true for cats as Reddit has informed me. Here are my top five reasons I love being able to spend more time with my animals!

1. They are fluffy

I love that they can keep me warm during this spring snow and it makes hugging them all the better. Even with my dog who does not have as long as hair, he is still amazing to hug. They de-stress me and they are always there for me, like any pet right?

fluffy cat Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

2. They cuddle with me

In addition to hugging my dogs and cats, we also really like to cuddle. They like to think they are lap dogs, even though they are definitely not, and take four o’ clock naps with me. When I go to bed at night, my cat also likes to sleep with me and I appreciate my quality time with her. 

pug in a blanket Unsplash

3. I get to brush them

Now this may seem weird but it really is sort of therapeutic for me. Since my cats are older, they are prone to mats so I like to brush them out and hopefully help them be more comfortable. In addition to helping them, it also helps take up some time out of my now sometimes boring days. I also like to brush my dogs since they have longer hair. 

4. They help me get outside

When it is not snowing, they help me get outside to enjoy the sunshine. Especially when I have been cooped up all day because of the quarantine, playing with them is really fun. We all get to enjoy going outside and taking a breath of fresh air. They also get their exercise and we all start to work off a little bit of our winter weight, lol. 

Puppy Hand Fun Ring Summer Hapy Original Charlotte Reader / Her Campus

5. They are my best friends 

I absolutely love my dogs and they are my best friends lol. They are the first ones to greet me in the morning and they give me a break from homework. They are there when I need them and no matter what, they always give me some love in these trying times. 

woman with dog Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Needless to say, appreciate this time with your pets!