The Best Movie & Snack Pairings for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Literally. It’s on Thursday. While some of us (humans in general) have significant others, others of us have…. Movies, cheap chocolate, and the only two guys that matter (Hint: Its Ben and Jerry.) Junk food already makes movies better, but junk food and romantic movies….that’s what dreams are made of. I consider myself connoisseur of both of these objects, hence this article. Here is a list of romantic movies with their proper junk food pairing!

1. Popcorn With Chocolate and other Candies in there & The Fault in our Stars

This cute little teen book made into a movie pairs perfectly with popcorn that have chocolate and other candies mixed in there. It’s an easy snack to make on shorthands notice and it’s perfect for sharing with your friends. It’s more of a lighthearted snack to go with a movie that is a little bit sadder. Bonus points: if you get cheap champagne to commemorate Gus and Hazel’s relationship.

2. Pre-Bake Cookies with Gal Pals & Bridesmaids

For this buddy chick flick, homemade cookies that you baked with your galentines is the perfect snack. You will make new memories with your friends while baking the cookies because as everyone knows there are a lot of things that can go wrong when making cookies, i.e. dropping them in the oven (but it’s not like I’ve never done that). Then laugh your heads off with Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph. Bonus points: if the cookies are heart shaped and ice cream sandwiches.

3. Chocolate Covered Strawberries & The Time-Traveler’s Wife

For a more dramatic movie, chocolate covered strawberries is the obvious go-to. What else says super romantic, drama than these tasty lil morsels? The answer is nothing else. Bonus points: if the chocolate covered strawberries are homemade.


4. Pizza and M&Ms & The Princess Diaries

Nothing screams early 2000s like The Princess Diaries, and nothing screams The Princess Diaries like Pizza and M&Ms. This iconic snack is seen in the movie when Mia is apologizing to Michael (also known as my 2000s crush). The snack and movie is great for sharing with your bestest friend. Bonus points: if you put the M&Ms on the pizza.


5. Breakfast Foods (a la donuts, pancakes, pastries) & Breakfast at Tiffany’s

What is more perfect than eating breakfast while watching Audrey Hepburn fall in love with George Peppard. That’s right nothing else is more perfect. Donuts and danishes with coffee are the best choice but really any breakfast foods will do. This is a great morning movie to share with great roommates who appreciate Holly Golightly’s personality as much as you do. Bonus points: if the donuts have little heart sprinkles on them.

6. Beer and Thai food & How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

“Can I interest you in a cold beer? No, but you can interest me in a warm one.” -Not an actual quote from the movie, but my roommate’s response to Matthew McConaughey. Now this one is an odd pairing in many ways, but let me explain. Beer goes with How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days because of the aforementioned quote for me. Thai food because Andie takes Benny to the Thai restaurant in an attempt to get him to leave her. Bonus points: if it’s carryout so you and your girls can peacefully watch the movie whilst losing your minds over Andie’s crazy antics.

7. Ice Cream & The Longest Ride

Out of all Nicholas Sparks movies, my personal favorite has to be The Longest Ride. There is no one better to share it with than two boys (Ben and Jerry again, come on). This movie is literally the cliche sad watching movie, so a pint of ice cream is the obvious choice. IF you have never seen this movie all I can say is it’s best not shared (as well as the ice cream, don’t share that), you will be crying like a baby at the end. If you do decide to be a kind human and share just make sure fellow viewers are also ready to cry. Bonus points: if you finish the pint before the movie is done.

8. Greek Food & Mamma Mia or My Big Fat Greek Wedding

For this double header Greek food is the other obvious choice. Gyros and baklava make for a fun meal and can really get you in the mood to sing along to some Colin Firth and Pierce Bronsan. This is a weekend ordeal (on a real note) because both Mamma Mia and My Big Fat Greek Wedding have sequels and this food can be harder to locate. Bonus points: if you throw in a bundt cake for My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

9. Chinese Food & Sleepless in Seattle

This is also one of those odd pairings, but hear me out. In Sleepless in Seattle, Meg Ryan’s character tells her fiance that they will go to Chinatown to eat dumplings. Then her fiance sings dumplings to the tune of the little song they are listening to. (It’ll all make sense when you watch the movie). This movie goes perfectly with a night in, your favorite friends, and carry-out Chinese. Bonus Points: if you get some Tiramisu to go with it. (Again just watch to the movie to understand.)

10. Sandwiches & When Harry Met Sally

Finally, the iconic When Harry Met Sally with the only logical food…. Sandwiches. For those who haven’t seen the movie you at least know the scene I’m talking about. (Hint: it includes a fake orgasm and a lady iconically saying: “I’ll have what she’s having.”) When Harry Met Sally is perfect for a great throwback night where making anything is too hard so you ordered Jimmy John’s. Bonus points: if you make your own sandwiches, but Sally style. Hence everything on the side and just the way you like it.

We hope you enjoy these fantastic movie and treat pairings!


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