The Best Looks at the First Coachella Weekend

This weekend marked the first Coachella weekend of the year and naturally, I tuned in to the live streams, followed along on social media and longed to be there dancing and singing to some of my favorite musicians. The style that Coachella brings is always my favorite, so here are some of the best looks this weekend blessed us with. 

1) Millie Bobby Brown

OMG, could she be any more perfect?! I'm a little salty that she's way cooler than I'll ever be at only 14 years old, but she's so freaking adorable. This outfit she posted on her Instagram story is fire.


Alright, call me crazy, I really don't care but I love BORNS with my whole heart and soul. When he walked out on stage yesterday in this outfit I nearly died. He's so comfortable with his style and who he is as an individual that you can't help but adore his short-shorts and blazer. And those Gucci socks? A total king. If you ask me, he totally won Coachella and I don't care what you think.

3) Charlie Heaton

We have another Stranger Things actor on our hands. Can you blame me though? So suave. Totally love the look, maybe because it's so simple, which is uncommon for Coachella.

4) Shay Mitchell

Another simple but amazing look was worn by Shay Mitchell. I just love the black and white look. Very sleek and sexy.

5) G-Eazy and Halsey

Honestly, these two are the *hottest* couple RN and even though their outfits are also super simple, they look amazing as always. It would be criminal not to include them in this list.

6) Camila Mendes

Hello, floral! Even though Archiekins isn't on her arm, Camila looks amazing in that flowy skirt. Love love love. 

7) Alessandra Ambrosio

This supermodel knows how to Coachella. This fringe jacket is everything. 

I'm excited to see what weekend two brings us, but this first weekend had some amazing styles that *might* be hard to top. We will see!

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