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The Best Karaoke Spots in Laramie

If you recently turned 21 and singing is your passion, you may wonder where you can participate in karaoke in Laramie. Well, don’t worry! I have cut out the awkwardness of walking into random bars to figure out when and where it is each night. All of the karaoke services are done by Top of the World Karaoke, and they’re great.

Wednesday Night – Bud’s Bar

Starting off on Wednesday night at around 9:30, karaoke takes place in a small bar closer to West Laramie. Bud’s Bar can hold a capacity of 95 people, but it is the perfect spot to karaoke if you want to get a lot of songs in and not worry about drunk college kids. You are likely to run into regulars often, and the bartenders are great. Check it out first to dip your toes into the water of singing your butt off!


Thursday Night – Roxie’s on Grand

Also starting at 9:30, Roxie’s has an amazing atmosphere and a stage to make you feel like a rockstar. The acoustics are amazing, but singers be warned. If you go after 10:30, you are likely to be crowded by drunk college kids who sing “Friends In Low Places” very horribly. If you can handle the crowd and embrace it, more power to you, it gets very very insane!


Friday Night – The Cowboy Saloon and Dance Hall

This is the only place that I have not been so I can not comment on the environment or how busy it can get, but it is a great place to bust out your country music skills. Karaoke here starts around the same time, around 9:30-10 at night and has a stage as well. This is also a great place to swing dance on Wednesday nights.


Saturday Night – The Ruffed Up Duck

Also a smaller bar, “The Duck”, as locals call it, has a stage to make you feel confident about your singing abilities. Starting at 9-9:30, the atmosphere is amazing, there’s sweet lighting, and the crowd always claps for you. Try it out and see if you like it!


There may be other places that do it, but I tend to follow Top of the World, as they know me and know how to operate very well. Enjoy and I hope to see you one of these nights!


Megan Lord

U Wyoming '19

Megan is a senior at the University of Wyoming. She is a Secondary Education/Social Studies major with a focus in History. Her hometown is Rock Springs, Wyoming, just 200 miles west of Laramie. Megan loves being outdoors and avidly hunts with her grandpa and fiancé. Her free-time includes; diamond painting, crafting for her wedding, writing her blog, working out, riding horses, and riding motorcycles.
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