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Best Bob’s Burgers Halloween Episodes

Happy Halloweek! To get into the holiday spirit I have ranked Bob’s Burgers Halloween episodes from the least great to the best. I say least great, because to be honest there are no bad episodes of Bob’s Burgers, but some are better than others. SO let’s get started! (Spoilers: so if you haven’t seen one of these episodes and don’t want Bob’s Burgers to be ruined then… don’t read ahead.) 

1. Season 8 Episode 3: The Wolf of Wharf Street

The Season 8 Halloween episode is probably the least great Halloween episode. The story is a little odd, even for Bob’s Burgers. Bob is injured with a broken leg, which you would think would make for great comedy as Bob on any sort of pain medication is pretty funny (for proof: season 5, Thanksgiving Episode). But alas, that is not the case for this episode as Teddy is taking care of Bob and things take a strange turn. Linda is the one that packs most of the comedy into the episode, her and the alpaca that they run into. 

2. Season 9 Episode 4: Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street

This episode is a pretty quality episode, but in terms of the Halloween episodes it’s closer to the bottom of the list. The premise of the episode is pretty funny with a dentist dressing up and stealing the kids candy. The kids have some pretty good one-line quips in there but its Bob’s (dressed up as Bruce Springsteen) performance that really steals the episode. 

3. Season 7 Episode 3: Teen-a Witch

This episode is a pretty good episode in general, there are just some of the Halloween episodes that are better. Tina basically becomes a witch in this episode and uses her powers for somewhat evil, and then gets cursed by another witch. This is one of those episodes where Tina is an empowered girl and tries to get what she wants through means that aren’t (maybe) the best. The Bob and Linda subplot of the episode is a bit lacking, but Tina’s humor makes up for most of it.

4. Season 5 Episode 2: Tina and the Real Ghost

This Halloween episode is pretty great as Tina falls in love with a ghost in a shoe box, and then pranks frenemy, Tammy, after she steals the ghost boyfriend from Tina. Tina’s badassery in this episode shocks even Louise, who it ended up had pranked Tina in the very beginning. Linda and Bob’s performance in the episode is also high quality (as demonstrated above) and Bob is 100% done at the beginning of the episode with everyone’s antics about ghosts. 

5. Season 3 Episode 2: Full Bars

The third of the top three Bob’s Burgers Halloween Episodes! The kids sneak off to King’s Head island where they give out full bars on Halloween. There the kids discover that the teenagers on the island torment the kids on Halloween and the Belcher kids decide to take revenge (justice?) into their own hands. This episode has all the classic Belcher kids humor mixed with Bob’s over-it-ness of Teddy’s antics at his Halloween party. This is a perfect episode for some of that early Bob’s Burgers humor. 

6. Season 6 Episode 3: The Hauntening 

The second best Halloween Bob’s Burgers episode is The Hauntening. While a kind of predictive episode (maybe, maybe not, I thought so) it will still kinda scare the crap out of you while you’re watching it. Bob and Linda manage to pull of a haunted house to scare Louise, with the help of Tina and Gene, which is shocking as they are not the greatest actors. Tina and Gene’s humor in it really helps carry the episode and will make you laugh cry as well as being scared crapless. 

7. Season 4 Episode 2: Fort Night

THE best Halloween episode of Bob’s Burgers is 100% the Fort Night episode. The kids end up stuck in their fort on Halloween, trying to get out, and Milly, Louise’s “best friend,” is not very helpful. While the Belcher kids pack that certain comedy punch that helps carry Bob’s Burgers episode, it is Andy and Ollie that really will make you laugh-cry with their weird sense of naive-ness. 


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