Bands that Need Christmas Albums ASAP

Christmas is coming soon and I've hardly listened to any Christmas music because a lot of it has gotten old. (Thank you, retail jobs.) I had a couple albums I enjoyed but now they're old to me, too, and I just wish I had Christmas music from my favorite artists. Naturally, I have a list. Here are some bands that should deeply consider making Christmas album so I can get into the holiday spirit a little more with some new renditions, though originals are encouraged. 

1) State Champs

Okay, I think it would be totally awesome to have some pop-punk stylized Christmas music. Gimme all the guitar riffs and drum blast beats to "Jingle Bells," or something. Please, I beg of you. 


This was probably predictable but OMG, it would be amazing, just trust me. Paul is a genius on the piano and a little synth-pop wouldn't be bad; it would be different, but I feel like a lot of classic Christmas songs need an upgrade. LANY, give me "Hurts," but in Christmas form, thanks.


3) Eminem

Sounds weird, but here me out. Imagine the amazing raps that would come from Eminem about Christmas? I mean, he's kind of the best, so I don't think I would be let down, even if he kept it kid-friendly. Maybe I've been listening to "Killshot" too much, but hearing Eminem roast Santa for fun might be worth it.  

4) The 1975

Surprise, surprise. But they're my favorite band, so how could I not include them in another article? Plus, Matty teased that they would make one once and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. I would be living my best life if they had a Christmas album.

6) All Time Low

Ever since they dropped "Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass" in 2011, I hoped and prayed All Time Low would make an entire Christmas album. Alex Gaskarth is a great lyricist (minus the latest album, there I said it) and I feel like he'd totally crush some original Christmas tunes. A girl can dream.

7) Ed Sheeran

I am not a huge radio pop fan, but Ed Sheeran would slay-no pun intended- some romantic holiday tracks. I would love to hear them, and I am not ashamed to say so.

8) Knocked Loose

Alright, I feel like maybe one person knows this band, but they're one of my faves right now. I feel like we need a hardcore Christmas album in our lives and I think Knocked Loose could deliver. Maybe it's just me but I would totally pay to hear it. So if Knocked Loose is listening, I would personally like to request your version of "Let it Snow." I'll be waiting.

I could go on forever, but I would bore you all, so I'll stop here on my album requests. I feel like I would benefit from any Christmas album by a contemporary artist because there just seems to be a lack of them. I'll just try to imagine them for now, I suppose.