Atypical Is Back And Here's The Update

A third season of Atypical just came out on Netflix and here is the official update. It is amazing. I know it hasn’t been out for very long but it was another amazing season! I love the character development they are doing and now that Sam is in college, a character from the show, I really feel like the show kept it’s intriguing aspects. It kept me hooked at every turn and I think I watched the whole thing in two days. 



There are the developing story lines for everybody in the show and I think that adds to the overall complex and fascinating story. I think every show should do this and probably does, but they did a great job with this season once again. I would highly recommend this show to anyone. It has the romance, the laughs, and suspense, and drama but all evenly and done in a realistic way. I think some shows can be overdramatic, but I feel like this show does not overdo it. For a 20-year-old college student, I think this show could connect with many people, including and maybe especially those in highschool or college. 



So again, for Atypical I would highly recommend watching the third season. You’ll get a much needed break from homework and a very enjoyable show. It really is a total package show. 



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