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Okay, if you don’t know BØRNS by now from previous articles or “Electric Love,” his hit song, you’re either living under a rock or just missing out on an *amazing* pop artist. Because we love him so, enough to travel across the country for him, here are the things we love about the man that is Garrett Borns and why you should appreciate him, too.

1) He’s a fashion icon

This goes without saying once you look at the pictures below, but BØRNS has some of the best fashion sense in modern pop music right now. He’s so good at it, that Gucci sends him looks on the reg, peep the photo below. In case you didn’t know, he won Coachella with this Gucci look.

Via Getty Images.

And have you ever seen a man look so good in a crop top?


See u tomorrow Austria p: @connortdoyle

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2) He rocks makeup better than we can

Before you question it, just look at this eyeshadow. Are you kidding me?!?

3) His skin is LITERALLY perfect.

Looking at this photo, you can see that there are no imperfections, only beauty marks? BØRNS, send us your skin routine, stat.



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4) He has the voice of an angel

Try not to cry while listening to this video and report back with results.

5) He has killer dance moves

Wanna learn how to dance with style? Simply watch the “Faded Heart” music video. (Peep that Gucci suit, btw).


6) He has amazing artistic capabilities and his passion shines through his music

BØRNS takes a lot of time to focus on his art, he even took a three year hiatus to work on his sophomore album Blue Madonna after the release of his debut album Dopamine. In the video below, BØRNS walks us through all of the influences he found in his LA neighborhood that helped make the masterpiece that is “Blue Madonna.” Also, in any interview ever released, you can really see the love and passion BØRNS has for his art which is admirable.

7) His dimples.

I don’t think we have to explain this. Look at the picture and refer back to #1 for more info on that pink shirt.

Via BØRNS Facebook.

8) His laugh.



9) Them luscious locks.

We’re also gonna need all those hair care secrets, thx.


10) He is unapologetically himself.

The photos and video will do a lot of the explaining themselves, but his level of creativity and confidence is refreshing to see, especially in such a mainstream genre as pop. Music has always been an art form that embraced people’s differences, but BØRNS takes it to another level by doing what he wants, when he wants. We can only hope to be as confident as BØRNS one day.


Just do yourself a favor and listen to BØRNS. You can thank us later.

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