9 Reasons I’m Thankful for Leaving the Food Service Industry NOW

Flashback to freshman year… my young, naive self was eager to get a job basically ANYWHERE. I searched far and wide, and settled on a job as a waitress. And for the past four years, I have been in and out of food service and waitressing. My last— and hopefully final— waitressing job left me feeling like I never want to go back, and very, very thankful I’m about to graduate and get a real job.

Here are 9 very real feelings any waitress will tell you they have felt at least once at their job.

1. Managers who don’t pay attention to your time off request.

Waitressing isn’t my primary time commitment. I’m graduating in May, I have an internship, I have to study, and I have another job. There are just some days that I can’t work.

That being said, when I get the day off, that probably doesn’t mean I want to be texted every five minutes seeing if I can come in later that day.

2. Co-workers who ALWAYS ask for you to cover their shift, but never cover your’s.

Count me annoyed. *rolls eyes*

3. I always had to give an explanation for why I couldn’t work or cover a shift.

Maybe I just don’t want to work that day… or maybe I have something important going on?

4. Children.

I’m sorry… my job isn’t to babysit the owner’s kids? It’s to wait tables? Good luck to the next server who comes along.

5. The pain of being on your feet all day, and then coming home to rub your feet for a solid hour.

6. The cook was always burning something.

Every time I went into the kitchen, I couldn’t wait to get out.

7. The manager and owner always took money out of the drawer, then accused me of taking money out of the drawer because they forgot.

… Nothing like the feeling of being untrusted.

8. Improper training.

Still don’t know where half of the cleaning supplies are… if we even have any.

9. I felt unworthy.

I was the only artistic genius at my job, meaning I had to write all of the white boards, and I even painted the windows for a special that was going on. And even after all of that, the owner and manager didn’t appreciate me serving for them.

Which FINALLY led me to quit the job.

Bye, food service.


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