8 Reasons Why Winter is the WORST

Winter is here and I am not prepared. Snow is the worst, ice is too slippery, and I can’t leave the house without my nose starting to run. I’ve heard many people say that there is nothing worse than winter in Laramie, and I couldn’t agree more. Everything is just so much harsher than it should be. Here are some reasons why winter is the absolute worst.


1. People forget how to drive as soon as the first flakes fly

If you’re from a place where snow is not a regular occurrence, the best idea is to just stay home. Or take the bus. Literally anything besides driving your rear-wheel drive car to class.

2. The snow on campus gets packed into hard ice and is a death trap just waiting to happen

It’s a good day if you don’t fall on your butt while walking to class.

3. The wind hurts my face

I know this seems silly since a meme was made out of it, but it could not be more true.

4. Cute boots are “in style”, but they lack sufficient grip as soon as you walk outside

*see #2* Ice and “cute boots” don’t always go hand in hand.

5. No Birks and socks

I still risk the weather in my Birks (I know, dangerous). Even with my thick socks my toes slowly develop frostbite.

6. No Chacos and socks

Same as above, just for the people that enjoy adventuring.

7. Heating bills

Winter is a landlord’s favorite season. Heat is expensive and a necessity for when the air outside is a crisp -30 degrees.

8. The desire for a warm beverage is always looming

The sad part is that you can’t afford it because of your heating bills.


I have full intentions of not leaving my house for the majority of our Holiday break… because winter. Ew.


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