7 Things You'll Understand If You Don't Drink

I’m halfway to 22 and I have yet to have more than a few sips of alcohol. Yes-- it’s true and no, I don’t have a particular belief system that aided in this decision, but what does it matter? As I finish my third year in college, I’ve heard and experienced so much surrounding drinking alcohol that I had to write about it, naturally. If you’re like me and choose to avoid alcohol, you’ll totally relate:

1) You’re ALWAYS the DD.


Just because I say this doesn’t mean I dread it necessarily. In fact, I thoroughly enjoy being the DD because the mom inside of me wants to ensure my friends are partying safely and making it home to their warm beds safe and sound. But, because I don’t drink and don’t have plans to do so, I’m usually the go-to for DD duty. It’s just the reality.

2) People are constantly asking “why?”


Multiple times an outing, I get random people coming up to ask me if I want a drink, in which I reply, “No, thank you.” Then they go, “Really? Okay..next time?” Then I go, “No, it’s no big deal. I don’t drink alcohol.” Then it’s always, “Why not?!” In which I must explain that it just doesn’t appeal to me and then they immediately think it’s because of my religious views or that I’m totally an alien. Sometimes these conversations can be entertaining, but usually, they’re just annoying because people simply don’t understand how I don’t find alcohol appealing whatsoever.

3) Major perk: No hangovers, vomiting or forgetting the night before.


I think a large turn-off to alcohol for me is the fact that it makes you miserable. It’s only a matter of time or the amount you intake before you wake up feeling horrible and sometimes, you don’t even remember what happened. The lack of control frightens me when it comes to alcohol and thankfully, I can avoid all of these fears by simply opting out of drinking. So I never wake up with a headache or stomach ache from a night out. All the fun and none of the consequences sounds like a win to me. 

4) Going to the bars sober is truly interesting.


Being sober at The Buck is quite the experience if you haven’t tried it. Honestly, I find it to be entertaining. I love people watching and doing so in a bar is 1000% more fun than any other place. It’s hilarious to see some of the dancing and reactions people in the bars have to certain situations. Though I wish I was having as much fun at The Buck as my drunk peers sometimes, it’s worth seeing sober and making sure your friends are safe.

5) If you’re like me, alcohol is the worst tasting/smelling thing you’ll ever encounter.


A large part of my choice to avoid alcohol is the taste and smell. Beer? Gag. Wine? Double gag. Hard Liquor? The burning in my throat is not worth it. I’d rather have some french fries and a Dr. Pepper, thanks.

6) People will judge you. Sometimes harshly, but that’s okay.


“We get it, you’re too good to drink,” “How lame,” “Okay, we get it, you don’t drink, you’re sooooo cool,” are some common responses when you simply say, “I don’t drink, sorry.” I’m not trying to be better than anyone, I’m not trying to judge those who do drink, nor do I feel like I’m proving a point. I simply don’t wish to drink and that’s all. People will judge you, it’s expected, but it honestly doesn’t need to mean anything. Don’t let peer pressure or harsh words make you feel compelled to drink. Do what works for you.

7) You save so. Much. Money.


I may spend money elsewhere, but I’m so thankful I don’t have to factor in alcoholic drinks when it comes to my expenses. I’ve heard my friend’s order drinks and that shit is not cheap. I love going out because it’s totally free for me. Water is my bestie and she doesn’t cost a thing. Stay hydrated, my dudes.

If you choose to drink, have at it, no one is judging you here. But, if you choose not to, you have to admit there are some perks.