7 Stages of Monday

Today is Monday. We all know this day, following a weekend of glorious freedom, can pretty much suck. But you are not alone in the Monday Suckage! Hope is not lost! Here are 7 Stages we typically experience on any given Monday.


Stage 1 of Monday: Morning, also known as Exhaustion.

(This stage is the longest, because Monday Mornings are eternity.)


...The alarm goes off. That's all.

Time to get dressed...  

At least you did laundry this weekend, so you can wear your favorite outfit.

Okay but wait. You’re STARving, and of course you didn’t go grocery shopping yesterday like you said you would...oatmeal it is!

The fact you’re even eating breakfast right now is a huge feat.


Now it’s time for coffee, preferably in a vat.

Stage 2 of Monday: School.

You fight the impending mid-class snoozes.

Afterwards, you start studying for an exam...and realize there is so much to study, you definitely should have started over the weekend.

You’ve just crossed over into Stage 3: Monday Freakout. And pretty much everyone else is right there with you.

It happens to the best of us.

Lucky for you, you have many more assignments to work on for the week, so you move on!

Stage 4: Lunchtime!

All that freaking out left you pretty starving, and you deserve that pizza!

Lunch was amazing, life is good. You do everything you planned for this afternoon on time, so you have a little time to make it to the gym!

Stage 5: Exhaustion part II.

Since Monday is basically three days long, afternoon is essentially midnight, and you're exhausted.

Stage 6: Almost Tuesday.

Maybe you've taken a nap, maybe you had a latte with two shots of espresso, either way, you're refreshed and ready to get through the last part of this day!

You are officially killing this Monday! You’re at your favorite study spot after dinner, and someone is talking SO loud….about how bored they are…. Like R U KIDDING ME RN.

But you are a super nice person and karma is a real thing so you decide not to bother getting frustrated. You work until your eyelids feel like they’re made of bricks and get on home. You’re totally super close to Tuesday, and...

Stage 7: Done with Monday

You did it! Congrats on making it through Monday, people. 7 whole days until the next one!

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