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7 Signs that Prove You’re From Wyoming

Growing up in Wyoming is wild. One minute you feel completely normal, and the next some “out-of-stater” is looking at you like you’re crazy. Us Wyomingites are a little crazy, but that is besides the point. We put together seven signs that prove you’re from Wyoming, though we are sure there is much more than just these.

1. You go into any store within Wyoming, Montana, or Colorado, and manage to run into at least two people you either went to high school or college with. 

2. You get really psyched when you see a “Wyoming” or “Western” historical figure on merchandise and proceed to buy it. (This one also might just be me being a history nerd.)

3. You go outside wearing five layers in the morning, only to shed four of those layers on your walk to the bus, only to have to put them on again at 3 p.m. when it inevitably starts to hail and thunderstorm. 

4. You hear, not one, but at least three trucks rev their engines as they roar down the streets.

5. A four hour car ride ain’t nothing.

6. You own far too many shirts that are either brown or gold… Go Pokes!

7. You’ve been to Yellowstone/Grand Teton National Park far more times than you can count.

Have any other signs for us? Let us know!

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