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7 Reasons Girls are Magical Creatures

Our hair is amazing:

Our hair is by far our secret weapon. I mean it’s so magical and gorgeous. Have you seen how many different hairstyles are on Pinterest?! And don’t even get me started on french braiding, it’s a skill that I should be able to list on all of my resumes.


We always smell nice:

Whether it’s our hair product or our perfume, if you smell something good it’s mostly likely a girl.  I could spend hours in Bath and Body works smelling all of those lotions and body washes. Our bathrooms are usually overrun with all of these bottles, but we have to make sure we smell nice no matter the occasion.


We make lots of friends in the bathroom:

A lot of people wonder why it takes girls so long in the bathroom, but it’s because we are busy making friends. If I’m going out for the night it’s likely I’m socializing in the bathroom at some point. We love complimenting each others outfits or hair while we’re touching up our makeup.



We make our nails works of art:

It still amazes me some of the things I’ve seen on a girl’s nails; flowers, polka-dots, a giraffe! The possibilities are endless. It’s a skill that is so commonly unacknowledged. I mean I feel good when I paint them one solid color and I don’t get nail polish all over my hands.


We can always find a tampon:

We’ve all been there, you thought you put that tampon in your purse and it’s suddenly disappeared. Luckily girls have always got your back. You ask another girl for a tampon and if she doesn’t find one, she is sincerely dedicated to helping you find one. Normally the problem is quickly resolved thanks to our epic tampon detecting powers.



We can walk in high heels:

Power is hearing your heels click on the floor as you walk across the room. The pain is worth it for the feeling you get when you put on the right pair of shoes. You are suddenly unstoppable, you could be a supermodel or a secret agent. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, you are ready to conquer the world.


We can nail our winged eyeliner:

You never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late. The painstaking process of learning how to perfect your eyeliner is worth it. No, we do not spend all this time trying to impress boys with our makeup, the only people who truly appreciate it are other girls.


But the best part about being a girl? Even if you don’t wear makeup or would rather wear converse over high heels, we don’t care. Girls will love and support you just the way you are. It’s the secret sisterhood of women across the world.


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Sara is a junior double majoring in Journalism and Enviromental and Natural Resources. She was born in Northern Kentucky but has lived in Laramie for 10 years now. She has a communications internship with the Wyoming EPSCoR program and writes for their blog. She also works as a lifegaurd and swim instructor at the local recreation center. To balance out her busy life Sara loves to read, do yoga, and plan her adventures abroad. She enjoys the small things that make life wonderful including rain, green grass, and coffee. One day she hopes to live in Seattle, write for an environmental publication, and travel the world to cover her stories.
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