7 Pinterest Ideas Every Soon-to-Be College Grad Needs to See

I have 5 months til I graduate… and I’m already READY. We all have that one friend- you know, the one who is ready to get out of college, go and start their life, and get the heck out of Dodge. I just so happen to be that friend in my group.


My Pinterest board is already filled with so many neat ideas, from caps to decorations. Hopefully these amazing ideas will inspire you to get more excited about graduating, whether it be this December, next May, or some time in the future!


1) Cute Grad Cap Idea #1

Because the adventure is never over.


2) Cute Grad Cap Idea #2

Because was it REALLY that hard for the past 4+ years?


3) Cute Grad Cap Idea #3

For all the dog mommas out there (i.e. me).


4) Cute Grad Cap Idea #4

I would like to thank my sponsor… alcohol… for getting me through college.

5) Cute Decoration Idea #1

You can never take too much wisdom with you for the future.


6) Cute Decoration Idea #2

Because everybody loves the photo booth at the party! More memories made.


7) Cute Decoration Idea #3

Dig through your mom’s photo albums and slap on pictures from the time you were born all the way up to present day.

Congratulations to any fall graduates out there! Hopefully I inspired you to use one of these ideas. 

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