7 Female Artists You Need to Check Out

Blasting strong, incredible female artists through my headphones is the best way that I’ve found to still feel like a badass on my freezing walks to class in the morning. Finding a female artist who really resonates with you is one of the best feelings, and there's no shortage of talent out there. Of course, it’s important that we support our fellow women in the music industry! I think these amazing women deserve more recognition and a place in your playlists.

1. Willow

If you haven’t listened to Willow since “Whip My Hair,” you definitely need to check her out again. Her psychedelic music feels otherworldly, and she’s been killing it in recent years.

2. Charlotte Day Wilson

I first heard Charlotte Day Wilson on Euphoria, and I immediately looked her up. Her music is perfect for laying in bed and staring at the ceiling while deep in thought -- you know? 

3. Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers has an incredible voice and music that hits you right where you need it to. Also check out her beautiful cover of Dolly Parton’s “Here You Come Again.” I lost my mind when I first heard it.

4. Ms. White

Ms. White’s music feels like the perfect marriage between pop and jazz. She has a lovely soulful voice that makes me feel like I’m listening to her sing at a smoky bar. She’s doing something very unique, and I am loving it.

5. Lola Kirke

I found Lola Kirke through a What’s Underneath podcast. Not only does she have an interesting life but she’s also an incredible artist. I’ve been really into her unique sound and lyrics lately.

6. Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers is nominated for Best New Artist this year. If you haven’t checked her out yet, you need to because she’s on the rise. Her music makes me feel like dramatically gazing at a horizon from the top of a mountain. Specific, but I think you’ll see what I mean.

7. Leikeli47

I blasted Leikeli47’s music everyday before work this summer to pump me up for a long day of serving. It’s hard not to feel invincible when jamming out to her music. She makes some incredible beats that you need to hear. 

Happy listening!