50 Things Better Than CSU

1.     The budget crisis in Wyoming

2.     A tailgate party without beer

3.     Dirty socks all over the floor

4.     Writing a research paper

5.     Towels that smell like mildew

6.     Wind in Wyoming

7.     Being surrounded by small children

8.     A water balloon fight in January in Wyoming

9.     Getting teabagged

10.  Shark Week (Not the weeklong series on Discovery Channel either)

11.  Cleaning a litter box

12.  A constant ringing sound in your ear

13.  Wearing pants

14.  Cleaning someone else’s vomit

15.  Food poisoning

16.  Taylor Swift's feud with Calvin

17.  Rush hour in Denver by Sports Authority

18.  Stepping in dog shit

19.  Stepping on a Lego

20.  Sitting next to the sniffling kid in class


21.  Being the sniffling kid in class

22.  Getting a pizza burn

23.  Chillin’ on Colfax

24.  Wyotechers

25.  Going to CU

26.  Listening to Nickleback

27.  Papercut in between your fingers

28.  Sitting on an uneven chair

29.  Slow Wi-Fi

30.  When your finger breaks through the toilet paper

31.  A hangnail

32.  Pants that fit yesterday, but are too tight today

33.  Beer shits

34.  Our presidential candidates

35.  Titty twisters

36.  The state of my bank account

37.  Having a dinner party with avid Trump supporters

38.  Having a hair on your tongue that you can’t find

39.  Being on 1% battery, with no charger in site

40.  Student loans


41.  Getting a flat tire

42.  Spilling a freshly opened beer

43.  Stubbing your pinky toe

44.  Buying textbooks

45.  Organic chemistry

46.  Finding parking on campus

47.  8 am classes

48.  Hooking up with someone you met at the Buck

49.  A root canal

50.  Damn near anything, actually.


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