5 Traits of a Great Guy

Netflix and Chill actually means Netflix and Chill to him.

Having someone that is down to just cuddle up and watch a movie or maybe 25 episodes of Friends with you, is really important. Being able to casually hang out and relax means he is fine with you just being you, hanging out in your fuzzy sock, oversized sweatshirt, and granny panties (we know you have them… it’s ok)


When he plans a dinner for the two of you, he plans dessert first.

Dessert is very important… do we need to say anymore here?


He likes the crust… no, not of the pizza (but that’s good too)

You get to a point in a relationship where you are no longer the nice, soft, doughy,  and warm person 100% of the time that you show to most everyone else  in your life. Sometimes, you are the crust, the hard edge that might even be a little burnt, but he dips you in some marinara sauce and eats you anyway, because you’re worth it. Sometimes, the crust can be the most filling part of the meal.

(In case the food analogies aren’t making sense… what we’re saying is, he loves you even when you aren’t at 100%, and that is what makes the relationship the most meaningful and fulfilling. Also, I do realize that there have been a lot of food references in this article… oh look, a donut! What was I talking about again?)


He isn’t afraid to sing in front of you.

If he can’t sing in front of you, no matter how bad he might be, he probably takes himself a little too seriously. A little song and dance never hurt anyone, and a guy that can get a good laugh out of himself for both of your sakes and isn’t afraid to be silly is definitely a keeper.


He has good hygiene.

This might seem obvious, but it is actually very important. No one wants to be the girl or guy dating the guy that is the bad roommate that never does dishes or takes out the trash or cuts his toenails and lets them fly across the apartment. You want to date the guy that q-tips his ears regularly, and smells nice and understands the concept of clorox wipes. If he can keep himself clean in college, he will be clean forever!