5 Things to Love About Christmas

YES. It’s finally here, the most wonderful holiday of the year! Christmas brings me so much joy and not just because of the presents (although as a poor college student, they are awesome). There are so many things to love about Christmas, and here are 5 to start off the wonderful season!

1. Christmas Lights

Christmas definitely enhance the wonderful atmosphere during the holidays. Driving around and seeing all the lights put up is beautiful, fun, and always a good way to spend time with your family. Lights on a Christmas tree are also awesome. They way they brighten up a room makes my smile ten times bigger.

2. Family Time

I love seeing all my little cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents during the holidays. They make the holidays that much more fun and seeing the kids open presents on Christmas is justification enough to see them on the holidays.

3. Snow

I know, I know. Snow can suck seriously sometimes, but it’s also one of the most beautiful things about the winter time. You can sled on it, ski on, it, or just enjoy watching it fall from inside a warm, cozy house.

4. Slipper Socks

I use my slipper socks all the time but in winter they are especially important. As I go home for the holidays, my slipper socks are the one thing I will wear all day, every day. They keep my feet warm and what’s better than wearing slipper socks and combining it with everything else on this list?

5. Christmas Food

Obviously you can’t talk about Christmas without talking about all the food that comes with it. There’s so much to eat plus leftovers for day. In my family, we make cookies, fudge, caramel, and lots of other desserts to keep us happy and full. There’s nothing more fun than cooking for lots of people and enjoying a meal with the people you care about.

Happy Holidays!


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