5 Things I Miss About Being a Freshman

Though living in a closet space and sharing showers with an entire hallway wasn’t exactly the highlight of starting college, there are some things I miss about being a freshman. I didn’t think I’d say this, but after only two weeks of fall semester, I’ve already found 5 things I miss about my first year here at UW.

Being only a quick walk from campus

Living off campus is great, don’t get me wrong. I love having my own space and a life away from school, but not being able to go home in-between classes really wears me out. Spending all day on campus takes a toll, especially when there’s nowhere to power nap.

Not having to cook for yourself

Even though I’m saying this doesn’t mean I miss Washakie food. I just miss the fact that I could go eat without having to make it an entire process. Having to cook, do the dishes, and clean up afterward really makes being on my own for meals less fun.

Simple, introductory courses

Fall semester my freshman year was a dream. I was off at noon everyday with manageable amounts of homework and plenty of time to unwind. When you get into major-focused courses, classes are at very few, set times and you have less of a say in your schedule. It can get tough when your day doesn’t start until later in the day. It only makes it harder to get out of bed and keep up with courses, a job and clubs or activities.

Excitement for Independence

I remember nearly shoving my parents out the door when move-in day came along. Now, when I think about bills, cleaning and groceries, I just want my mom. I don’t know how to adult, there’s so much to remember.

Everything was new

It was so fun to show up to school and meet all these new people and see what college was all about. Everything was so exciting and different than high school. Being able to just jump in and see what college had in store was such a fun feeling and I definitely miss those moments. I love having all my friends now and a routine set, but change is always exciting and I miss being so excited for a new adventure.

I’m definitely happy that I’m moving forward and that I’m one more year closer to having a degree. Sometimes when I’m swarmed with a chaotic schedule and I still have to take care of myself and do adult things, I can’t help but miss my first year on campus.