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5 Inexpensive Gifts To Give Your Friends This Christmas

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Is it too early to look at Christmas gifts? Absolutely not. I’m someone who likes to plan, so I’m not super stressed in December when everything is out of stock. Also, I am a broke college student, so I am always looking for cute but inexpensive things to give my friends for Christmas. So here are a few ideas!

  • Fuzzy Socks

Yes, socks. I know we all hated getting socks for Christmas when we were younger because we wanted cool toys like my little pony and barbies, but age changes things. Once you start buying your clothes, it changes everything. Fuzzy socks are the way to go, especially here in Wyoming, where it’s always freezing. Luckily, Walmart sells quite a few cheap fuzzy socks that last a while.

  • Face Masks

You can never go wrong with self-care gifts; everyone likes to pamper themselves now and then. The two face masks that work well but are also inexpensive are the brands que bella and Freeman. They both offer the sheet masks and peel-off masks.

  • Shower Gel

During the holiday season, many brands release Christmas scents for their products. Personally, I really like the brand philosophy, they have scents like candy cane, gingerbread, sugar plum fairy, and many more. It is a bit more on the expensive side, but their products last a long time! Of course, Bath and Body Works is a good place to find shower gel, they go all out for the holiday season.

  • Ornaments

My roommates and I buy each other ornaments every year so we can grow our ornamnet collection. This year we have a vechile theme, so we bought truck, train and trailer ornaments. They’re all super cute, and they were only a few dollars at our local Walmart.

  • Lip Balm / Chapstick

Unfortunately, everyone’s skin gets drier in winter because of the lack of moisture, but there are products to counteract those effects! Many lip care brands also release Christmas products. Chapstick, eos, and Burt’s Bee’s all have quality products with fun themes. It’s a good stocking stuffer!

Elena Stewart

U Wyoming '23

I am a Junior at the University of Wyoming, and I’m majoring in English. I love to listen to music, spend time with friends and family, and watch crime tv.
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