5 Inexpensive Gifts to Buy Friends and Family

Like most college students, I have little to no money to spend on Christmas gifts for my important friends and family. I feel bad not getting them anything, but I have found some relatively cheap gifts to give this year if you are pinching pennies.

1. Socks

Who doesn’t love stuffing their super cold feet into some nice, warm, fuzzy socks? It may be kind of weird, but if you know your recipient, you can pick a design you know that they’ll like. You can purchase a pair for as little as $3.00!

2. Coffee Mugs with Hot Cocoa Kits

This may be something a lot of people give and get this Christmas, but you can’t beat hot chocolate on a cold winter day. The mug can also be as simple as a white cup! This gift will run you about $5.00, depending on where you get the mug from.

3. Bath Bombs

If you know your friend or family member takes a lot of baths, one of the greatest things you could get them is a bath bomb or a shower fizzy! These cute little objects can help them relax and smell great! These simple gifts cost around as little as $2.00 individually.

4. Candles

This may seem like a really average gift to give, but still a great one! Sometimes people’s favorite scents can make them smile for a long time and make them think of you! Check with them beforehand to make sure they don’t have any allergies to scents. This simple gift can cost around $4.00 but can be more expensive if you choose to go to Bath and Body Works.

5. Blankets

This gift may be a little pricier, but it is for sure a gift to make people smile. Blankets can be handmade gifts that you give your friends as well. You can find cheap little throw blankets for as low as $9.00.


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