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5 Great Improv Performances You’ll LOL At

Everyone loves comedy, but what’s even better is improv, or improvised comedy, where you create scenes on the fly. Here are five great improv performances that will make you LOL.

1) Steve Carell

Second City is responsible for training some of the greatest improvers in the business. This clip is from a time that Steve Carell was performing in Second City. Carell is a master of the improv craft. If you are a fan of The Office you have seen Carell’s work as an improver, as many of his lines were improvised.


2) Robin Williams & Billy Crystal

What is so amazing about his performance is that Robin Williams and Billy Crystal were just walking around the studio one day and asked if they could do a scene. They didn’t plan any of this and the cast of Friends just went along with it. It is a great start to an episode because these two funny men only appear in the cold open.


3) Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

One of the best parts of improv is watching people who are not only performers, but friends in real life. This clip is a classic of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler playing an improv game. You can just feel the chemistry between the two performers whenever they are on stage together. No wonder they both went on to have great success in the comedy world.


4) Rick and Morty

The inter dimensional cable episodes of Rick and Morty involve the main characters scrolling through various television channels that are from several different dimensions. Each channel they show includes an animated clip where all the dialogue was improvised! This is just one of the all-star clips from that episode.  


5) The Upright Citizens Brigade

The Upright Citizens Brigade is an improv comedy troupe where performers such as Amy Poehler got their start. This clip is quite long but it really does illustrate the freedom of the improvisational style of performance. You also get to see one of improv’s most famous games!


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