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5 Easy Halloween Costumes with Items From Your Closet

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Halloween is coming soon, and if we are anything alike, you probably haven’t had time to think of a costume idea, or if you have, all your money has already been spent on tuition, books, and groceries (ugh). Don’t freak out yet! There are plenty of costume ideas hiding in your closet. If you own anything black, leather, tie-dye, or animal print, finding the perfect costume should be a breeze and, even better, free!

  1. Black Cat

Throw on any black outfit, leggings, black jeans, black shirt, black dress, and draw on some whiskers with eyeliner and throw on a pair of cat ears! If you don't have cat ears, amazon has them for cheap, and they can be at your door overnight.

2. Hippie

I’m guessing you have some sort of tie-dyed clothing in your closet! (Didn’t we all make a million tie-dyed shirts in high school?) Wear something tie-dye, put on some boots, sunglasses, and a headband. If you have bell-bottom pants, wear them! You’ll look like you're straight out of the ’70s.

3. Biker

Leather anything screams biker! Search your closet for a leather skirt, leather pants, or leather jacket. Throw on a bandana and some combat boots, and you’ll be good to go. Bonus points if you have Harley Davidson merch!

4. Cowgirl

If you go to school in Wyoming, chances are you at least have one pair of cowgirl boots. Put on a jean skirt and any western shirt, and be a cowgirl for the night! This costume is easy to make into a couple's costume. Finding yourself a cowboy at the University of Wyoming should be simple enough.

5. Party Animal

I know you must own some type of animal print clothing item. Put on some cheetah print, cow print, zebra print, or any other animal print you own, throw on a party hat and enjoy the night like the party animal you are!

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