5 AJR Songs to Blast Before Tonight's Concert

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years of your life, you’ve probably heard of the band AJR. Today the pop band will be making an appearance on campus at the University of Wyoming and I hope you snatched up your tickets! Catchy vocals, amazing beats, and random instruments; what more could you ask for? Here are my top five AJR songs that I will be listening to on repeat before tonight’s concert.

1. Weak

Easily their most popular song, "Weak" is guaranteed to make you dance.

2. 100 Bad Days

This song is easily my favorite. My sister and I played it non-stop this summer!

3. Alice by the Hudson

This one was recommended by a friend. A slower song, but amazing music.

4. I’m Not Famous

"Where my haters? Where my haters? I don't got em!" LOVE IT.

5. Netflix Trip

Another slow one, but this list would not be complete without it!

Get your tickets for the concert, you won’t want to miss it!