15 Times Tina Belcher was the Confidence Queen

Tina Belcher exudes the confidence we all wish we had. So grab your pen and paper and take note from the confidence queen!


1. And you are, too, girl! Own it!


2. Any time, any place, embrace your dance moves. #noshame


3. Spittin’ straight fire.


4. FR though, I would kill to wake up with an attitude like this.


5. Yasss, Queen! Strong independent woman who don’t need no man.




7. I mean, same. But now I’m going to start doing it with confidence.


8. Whether you’re rocking your fave outfit, or wearing sweats and a laundry basket shirt, embrace it!


9. Maybe the secret to confidence is bangs.


10. BRB. Taking dating advice from a cartoon because I have 0 game, irl.


11. To be a badass, one must sound like a badass.



12. Wooing boys with badassery? On it!


13. Tina is literally my spirit animal. For obvious reasons.


14. Me coming on to a guy: “I hope you like cats… because I have two and enough emotional instability for everyone in this bar.”



15. Majestic. Confident. Tina.


May Tina inspire each of you to be your most confident self today and always.


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