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15 Fun Things to Add to your Spring Bucket List

Spring is the perfect time to take a step outside and enjoy life. Here are just a few things that you should add to your spring bucket list!

1. Have a Picnic

Solo or with friends, at the park or in your backyard, packing a picnic is the perfect way to enjoy a nice sunny day and amazing foods. Click here to learn how to create the perfect picnic.

2. Chase the Sunset on Your Bike

One of my favorite activities back home was to hop on my bike and ride around town in an attempt to find the best location to watch the sun set. Not only will you be getting out and active, but you’ll some instagram worthy shots of the painted Wyoming skies.

3. Take a Hike

Go outside, get active, and soak in some sweet rays of sunshine on the trail. Take a visit to Vedauwoo or the Medicine Bow National Forest for a fun adventure this spring.

4. Go for a Mindful Walk

Go beyond a normal walk by practicing mindfulness (or more present and aware in the moment). The following link leads to a blog post with three fantastic ways to practice mindfulness while you’re walking: http://www.rachaelkable.com/blog/walking-meditation

5. Spring Clean with the Windows Open

Spring is the season of fresh starts and what better thing to do than to dedicate a couple of hours (or quite possibly a day if you’re like me) to cleaning around the house and organizing everything

6. Start an Herb or Succulent Garden

Add a pop of living green to your home and grow your own fresh herbs or plant a cute little succulent garden. Not only will they brighten up whatever room you put them in, but both herbs and succulents hold various health benefits. Click here to start an herb garden with empty jars and here to learn how to make a terrarium.

7. Do Random Acts of Kindness

Paying for someone else’s coffee at Starbucks, sending anonymous flowers to someone, surprising your favorite professor with a gift…the possibilities to make somebody’s day 100% are endless and will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

8. Go Out for Ice Cream

The weather is getting warmer which means that a nice cold scoop of ice cream will become the ideal sweet. Treat yo self!

9. Buy Yourself a New Outfit

Feel as fresh as the morning air in some new threads from your favorite store and indulge in a new dress, sunglasses, or that pair of jeggings that you’ve been eyeing (I personally recommend checking out the newest lines from Target or Modcloth).

10. Cook/Bake Something Delicious

Look up what fruits and veggies are in season and try out a new recipe! I know that I’m super pumped for rhubarb season and can’t wait to whip a delicious strawberry rhubarb pie.

11. Go Check out a Museum or Gallery

Nourish your mind by visiting a museum or an art gallery and practicing mindfulness as you observe the displays and art pieces. I highly recommend visiting the UW Art Museum and checking out the wonderful art of the Student Exhibition (which is on display until May 18).

12. Host a Big Dinner for Friends

Trying to get all of your friends (with very different schedules) together is tough but meeting up for at least one night of delicious food, fun games, and just catching can be very beneficial.

13. Create Something

Open up a Bob Ross tutorial, take up crocheting, or even buy some sidewalk chalk and just create! Do something that is fun and don’t worry about the final product being “perfect.” Simply utilize art as a stress reliever.

14. Try out Meditation or Yoga

Many times in our hectic lives we forget to slow down and focus on ourselves. Practicing yoga or meditation goes along the lines of mindfulness and creating a fresh start for yourself. It’s like my yoga instructor are always reminding me: don’t forget to breathe!

15. Take a Day Trip Somewhere New

Sometimes it’s good to get out of town and explore somewhere new. Take a day trip to a neighboring town with a restaurant that you’ve been hearing a lot about or maybe go visit a wacky attraction (Carhenge is only about 3 hours away!). No matter where you decide to go, just take time to have fun and enjoy yourself!

Happy Spring!

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Bailey Johnson

U Wyoming '22

Bailey is a freshman at the University of Wyoming studying in the visual arts program. Asides from being an artist, she also considers herself a geek and dog lover extraordinaire. When she isn't doing homework, she can be found reading, sketching in her tiny sketchbooks, or composing poems.
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