14 Things The Weeknd's Hair Looks Like

After his performance at the Oscar's last night, we were all reminded that even in a formal setting, our precious Abel's hair is still weird as f***. Here is a compliation of the thoughts we had during his performance. (And yes, alcohol may have been involved.)

1. This dog on this dude's head

2. A baby elephant sleeping

3. Otto Rocket from Rocket Power’s hair

4. A screeching Gargoyle

5. A wave crashing majestically into a rock

6. The Hawaiian Punch guy’s hat

7. Spongebob Squarepant’s house. Or any pineapple, really.

8. A box of McDonald’s french fries

9. A seahorse


10. Cynthia from Rugrat’s hair

11. A walruses mustache

12. A bonsai tree

13. A tarantula

14. A Celery Stalk