12 Times You and Winston from New Girl Were The Same Person

1. When you’re trying to flirt with a guy and you’re all like:

2. When you realize you’re going to die alone as a crazy cat lady:

3. When get done with classes on Friday and you just:

4. When you realize you have a term paper due tomorrow and you only have one paragraph done:

5. When you email your professor and you use correct grammar and punctuation:

6. When your professor said “this is going to be an intense semester for you” on syllabus day:

7.When you actually go out for once and you’re like:

8. When you pull up Facebook very covertly in class and you think:

9. When nobody appreciates your humor like they should:

10. When you’re at an event that said they have free pizza but they just keep talking:

11. When your best friend is PMSing and you just can’t:

12. When you get to the end of this list and you’re like:


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