11 Times "Full House" and "Fuller House" Perfectly Explained College


I have recently started binging on the show “Full House,” after watching it’s sequel “Fuller House” on Netflix. My appreciation for this show goes deeper than any other show I’ve binged. That’s a lie- Grey’s Anatomy is my poison.


Here are 11 GIFs from “Full House” and “Fuller House” that perfectly sum up college.


1. Spaghetti is a blessing and my comfort food. It would be wrong not to capture this iconic moment.



2. Whenever I go to the gym and that pre-workout kicks in.


3. When you make the awful mistake of sitting next to an annoying person… turns out those are your permanent seats for the rest of the semester.


4. So you leave that class like this.



5. When you go to your first house party and you realize that literally no one is dancing.


6. When you need motivation to go to class.



7. When you and your roommate don’t get along within the first two weeks...



8. ...But you end up inseparable



9. When you feel super confident after that exam...



10. ...And you realize you didn’t totally crush it.



11. And finally, all of our thoughts about college.


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