Zack Wheler: The Man with the Sexy Socks

Zack Wheler is a second year majoring in Biology from the wholesome town of Calgary, Alberta.  His activities include rugby, watching hockey, and spending lots of money on textbooks to occasionally look at them. He also has an impressive and eccentric sock collection.

HC: What’s your best study tip?

Force yourself to work. My mom would always say you’re not going want to do it later. You’re going have to get down to it. If you can, work before your deadline. Maybe I’ll listen to my own advice, if I feel like it.

HC: If you were a fictional superhero. Which one would you be and why?

Captain America because it would be super cool to be super strong, it boosts morals, and he’s just a really good guy. Now people will make the comparison to Chris Evans is that even bad?

HC: What is your favourite toothpaste brand?

Lately, I used Colgate, I have really sensitive teeth, and in the absence of being very committed to any other toothpaste I like that one.

HC: Would you rather only be able to dress for the summer in the winter, or dress or the winter in the summer?

I would rather wear shorts in the winter, and it’s not that bad here.

HC: What’s your favourite on campus drink?

Overall, I’m a big fan of London fogs.

HC: What is your favourite holiday and why?

Being in University, Christmas is better because it’s a longer break, with no school work, and I can eat so much food. [On campus] you want to eat well, but it’s expensive, so you just buy the chicken strips.

HC: If you could be any vehicle of transportation what would you be?

I would turn into a really nice car, or a jet.

HC: Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen?

I used to think they were three people, like Mary, Kate and Ashley, so I pick Kate.

HC: If you had to choose any major other than your own?

History or else sociology.

HC: What is your most visited website other than social media?

YouTube or Netflix.

HC: What’s a word you frequently use?

I’ve been saying brutal a lot recently.

HC: Mittens or Scarves?

Scarves, put your hands in your pocket, but you don’t really have a pocket for your neck.

HC: Anything you want our readers to know about you?

“One time I got stung by a dead wasp.”

“Sometimes I don’t even know who I am, so anything works.”