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Now that season 2 of “Euphoria” is over, in all its glittery, explosive, sex-crazed glory, most of us are left counting the days until season 3 comes out. While we could spend our now-free Sunday nights studying, or reading, or any number of the responsible activities that never seemed to plague our beloved “Euphoria” characters, it’s a lot more likely that we’ll be spending it in front of the TV, looking for our next binge. Look no further – here’s some of the best movies and shows to fill the Fexi-shaped hole in your heart. 


“Skins”, despite airing in 2007 in the UK, has drawn many comparisons to “Euphoria”, following a group of teenagers in South West England throughout their last two years of high school. Like “Euphoria”, it sparked controversy because of its exploration of issues including mental health, sex, eating disorders, and substance abuse among adolescents. Tony Stonem, played by the now-famous Nicholas Hoult, was the blueprint for the Nate Jacobs we all know and love – attractive, popular, manipulative, and dating a beautiful girl who can’t help but put up with his toxicity. 

“Gossip Girl” 

While the “Gossip Girl” crew dealt more with problems like selling their girlfriend for a hotel, or accidentally marrying a crown prince, they still share some remarkable similarities with the “Euphoria” residents. Cassie’s New Year’s Eve antics shocked us all, but it wasn’t the first time a famously inappropriate high-school TV show featured a seemingly dumb blonde sleeping with her brunette best friend’s boyfriend and lying about it (specific, right?). Here’s hoping watching Serena and Blair’s screaming matches will make us miss Maddy and Cassie a little bit less. XOXO


If you miss worrying about what potentially life-ruining mistake our “Euphoria” characters were going to make next, and secretly love yelling at the TV when they make them, Shameless is for you. Although set in Chicago, much of the show was filmed in Los Angeles just like Euphoria, so we can comfort ourselves imagining that Fezco is a few streets over, watching “Stand By Me” with Lexi. The Gallagher family deals with substance abuse, sexual identity exploration, teen pregnancy, and an alcoholic father, among other things, all while figuring out how to get through the school day. Frank Gallagher, despite his paternalistic faults, doesn’t hold a candle to our very own Cal Jacobs. 

“Edge of Seventeen” 

Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the drama. Holding your breath during every “Euphoria” episode doesn’t leave a lot of room for laughter, so check out “Edge Of Seventeen” for a refreshing performance – from Hailee Steinfeld tackling high school without her best friend and with a massive crush. While watching Rue snort cocaine in the bathroom and Nate and Cassie getting hot and heavy at an abandoned construction site is fun, “Edge of Seventeen” shows a more realistic version of what teenagers discovering sex and alcohol for the first time is really like. Spoiler alert – a lot of awkward moments. 

“Beautiful Boy” 

“Euphoria” has been praised for how realistically it portrays the effects of drug addiction – namely, the erosion of Rue’s relationships with her mother and sister and the mental and emotional toll it takes on them. “Beautiful Boy”, starring a then-unknown Timothee Chalamet explores the same topic – a complex relationship between a father and his son with a drug addiction. Not only is this a heartbreaking film based on a true story, but it catapulted Chalamet to fame, receiving Golden Globe and SAG Award nominations. 

Is your fave “Euphoria”-esque show not on this list? Be sure to let us know through our socials, and tell us what you think if you watch any of these!

Kemmerly is a second-year psychology student at UVic, who is particularly interested in mental health and community psychology. When not studying and writing, she enjoys thrifting, going to the beach, and exploring Vancouver Island.
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