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What Netflix Original Show You Should Watch Based on Your Star Sign

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Vic chapter.

Exam season is upon us, and that can only mean one thing: time to procrastinate. The best way to do that? Picking a show on Netflix and watching the whole thing in one sitting. If you don’t have time to decide on a show, let us guide you to your next favourite series, based on your astrological sign.

Aries – Elite

All the drama of Riverdale (just better written) in the flash-forward/backward format of How to Get Away With Murder. If you haven’t been watching Elite, you’re missing out.

Taurus – Emily in Paris

This show got a bad rap for its portrayal of French culture, but sometimes cheesy and indulgent is the perfect way to get through stressful times. Set aside that essay and drift off into Emily’s picture-perfect world.

Gemini – Money Heist

You can never go wrong with a good heist. Money Heist is a wildly popular series (currently composed of four seasons, with a final one on the way). This fast-paced thriller will have your attention from episode one and you won’t want to stop watching.

Cancer – Teenage Bounty Hunters

The title pretty much sums this one up. This new series is fun and action-packed: the exact opposite of studying (AKA the best way to turn off your overworked brain).

Leo – Sex Education

Fall in love with Sex Education’s endearing cast of characters in this dramedy series, which follows two teens running an “underground sex therapy” clinic for their classmates. This series began with a strong first season and only got better in the second, don’t miss out on this hilarious and heartfelt show!

Virgo – Ratched

The latest show from the creator of The Politician and American Horror Story, if you enjoy Ryan Murphy’s stylish brand of storytelling, you’ll love this visually and narratively compelling series.

Libra – The Queen’s Gambit

C’mon. You’ve probably been meaning to watch this one for weeks (if you haven’t already). If you think a show about chess would be boring, you couldn’t be more wrong. Plus, the rule of thumb is that if Anya Taylor-Joy is in it, you will be entertained.

Scorpio – The Witcher

No better way to escape the daily grind than through Netflix’s best fantasy series. This show has everything: monsters, magic and songs that will be stuck in your head for the next month.

Sagittarius – Haunting of Bly Manor

Just because October is over, doesn’t mean you can’t get a little bit spooky. If you’re up for it, this show is a complex and beautiful exploration of grief, love and possession. You’ll be hooked after the first episode, it’s just perfectly splendid!

Capricorn – Good Girls

There’s something always compelling about normal people having to make desperate choices for themselves and their families. The world was obsessed when Walter White did it in Breaking Bad. Now’s the time for everyone to give Good Girls the attention and respect it deserves for delivering a female-led crime drama that just gets better and better.

Aquarius – Snowpiercer

Do you like dystopian commentary on how the ruling class exploits the working class? Did you like the concept, but not the execution of the 2013 film by the same name? You’d be remiss to skip this series, starring Jennifer Connelly and Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs.

Pisces – The Crown

There’s no better time to start watching The Crown than right now, as the latest season introduces the beloved Princess Diana to the ensemble cast of characters. Sink into this royal drama for a captivating viewing experience.

Already seen your sign’s show? Well, how about your rising or moon sign? Whatever you decide to watch, we hope it gets you through your finals and into winter break.

Emma is a second-year graduate student at the University of Victoria. She's a pop-culture-obsessed filmmaker and aspiring video game designer. When she isn't writing for Her Campus or burning her eyes from staring at a screenplay that just isn't working, she's probably at home playing video games, watching movies (it's technically homework, she's studying them) or mindlessly scrolling through her TikTok feed.