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What HC UVic is Looking Forward to in a Post-Pandemic World

It’s been almost a year since British Columbia went into lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we’re all getting pretty used to being inside and being apart, with the vaccine rolling out, we’re one step closer to a post-pandemic world. It will be a while before things are back to normal, but we’re excited nonetheless. Here’s what the HC at UVic team is looking forward to doing post-pandemic.

“The first thing I’m going to do is get in my car, drive home and see my mom. Then I’m going to the first concert I can get tickets for.” – Emma, fourth-year writing major. 

“I’m looking forward to getting off the island and exploring Vancouver! I know it’s close to home, but I can’t wait to rent a bike, cycle around downtown and explore the city’s arts scene.” -Sarah, first-year art history masters.

“I am so excited to actually experience university life in person! My whole first year has been online, so I am really looking forward to attending in person classes, joining more clubs, going to events, and meeting new people!” – Alison, first-year English major

“I’m looking forward to hugging all of my friends for the first time in over a year! With all of us headed our separate ways soon, I feel like I’ve missed out on our last chance to all be in the same city at the same time.” – Beth, fourth-year writing and English major

“Ok, so when the pandemic ends I will basically be beelining to the first concert in my vicinity. I don’t care if it’s The Beatles (ew, insects) revived or the world’s worst country singer, I will be attending. Or, I will beeline to New Zealand and participate in their immaculate democracy and start battening down the hatches in my rural neighbourhood for whatever apocalypse is in store for us next.” – Sam, fourth-year writing major. 

If you’re feeling lonely or stuck, remember that this isn’t going to last forever. Things are gonna be weird for a while longer, that’s for sure, but holding on to these things is what’s gonna get us through to the other side!

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