VicMUN: What You Need to Know

With over 150 attendees, University of Victoria Model United Nations (VicMUN) Conference 2016 was the biggest held so far. VicMUN is the largest university level model UN conference on Vancouver Island. The organizers aim to increase youth involvement in political decision-making and increase exposure to some of the issues that currently occur on a global scale.



This year’s theme was Global Unity: The Social, Political and Economic Protection of Vulnerable Peoples. With students from Vancouver Island University (VIU), the University of Victoria (UVic) and various local high schools, this conference presented itself as not only a learning opportunity, but a platform to develop a variety of skills. Model UN gives students the opportunity to hone an array of abilities such as public speaking, diplomacy, negotiation and debate, as well as forming resolutions, and writing papers .

The conference occurred on October 21st to October 23rd 2016, with keynote speakers Cindy Holder, and David Dolff. Dr. Holder is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Victoria. Her research focuses on cultural rights and ethical and theoretical issues in international law, including the human rights of indigenous peoples and transitional mechanisms such as truth commissions and international criminal tribunals. Dr. Dolff research and interest lies in examining the root causes of current international and civil conflicts, with particular attention to the post-Soviet space, as well as the role of the international community and institutions such as the UN in current affairs.



Delegates were assigned a member state who then becomes a representative of that member in one of the committees of the conference. The delegate then has to debate and negotiate resolutions in accordance with policies of the government of the country the delegate is assigned. Attendees of the conference then take on roles in which  they debate, negotiate, persuade and develop solutions to issues by way of international diplomacy with other represented nations. The conference proved to be an incredible experience for all attendees, as it was authentic, organized, engaging and fun!

For high school students, this is really a chance to challenge yourself and get to put all the things you’ve learned and developed at your local MUN clubs to action. For university students, this is great exposure to these events.

The more experience you have, the better you will get, and this conference is meant to be a learning conference, so get yourself out there!



“Model UN is an authentic simulation of the United Nations where you get to step into the shoes of the Ambassadors to the UN from different member states and get a chance to reshape the important policies that holds the world together.” They accept and encourage members from any faculty to partake. Model UN provides the opportunity to develop  various lifelong, career developing skills and to have fun with an awesome group of people! Take a look at the UVic Mun Website for more! Be on the lookout for next years conference!