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Valentine’s Inspo; Most Romantic Spots/Events in Victoria

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Vic chapter.

In the spirit of Valentine’s right around the corner, HC at UVic banded together to compile a list of some of the most romantic spots and events throughout Victoria. Whether you’re looking to spice things up or keep it low-key, we’ve got everything you need to get inspired before the big day.

Speakeasy Tuesdays at the Victoria Event Centre (19+).

Any Gatsby fans out there? Every Tuesday at the Victoria Events Centre there is a speakeasy, including this Valentine’s day! In a historic venue, you and your partner can enjoy a taste of the prohibition era with swing jazz music and cocktails. This is the perfect opportunity to dress up either historically or formally and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. Dancing with your partner in an environment where you can hear each other and are working together to dance as a couple can be an out of the ordinary bonding experience! 

This is an affordable date with the entry fee being $10 per person. You can buy your tickets online or at the door. If you buy at the door make sure you bring cash because the tickets are cash only, but you can use credit/debit at the bar. 

The speakeasy doors open at 7:30pm which is also the beginning of the complimentary dance class, where you can learn a couples dance for the night ahead. 

The band schedule rotates weekly with great swing jazz bands, on Valentine’s Day the line up is Capital City Syncopators and Bill Johnson.

Highly recommended for an unforgettable evening!

Mount Tolmie.

If you are planning to go for a drive, Mt. Tolmie is the best lookout point over Victoria if you have a car. The parking lot gives you a view without leaving the car, perfect for a chilly day or a more laid-back date. It’s located close to the UVic campus and there’s lots of restaurants along Shelbourne where you and your date can grab takeout noodles, bubble tea, sushi, pizza, and wraps/bowls. Curate a cute playlist, and you’ve got a private dinner with a view. Extra points if you go for sunset! 

Gonzales Hill Regional Park.

If you are looking for a view without a vehicle, the view from the hill where the old Gonzales Observatory stands is an incredible one. It might even be better than Mt Tolmie as you get to look over the water and beaches so it’s less suburban. It’s easy to bus to and it is an easy walk up, no hiking involved. The hill is rocky, so no high heels, but there are lots of flat rock surfaces to sit. Bring a blanket to sit on, and perhaps a romantic picnic as you enjoy the view. Again, bonus points for sunset!

Take a Lap Dance Class (19+).

Looking for something a little more spicy this Valentines Day?  Take a lap dance course to prepare a Valentine’s gift they will never forget. Hosted by Passion and Performance Art Inc, two classes are being hosted February 11, 2023. First up 12-1:30pm is the sensual lap dance course and 2-3:30pm is the X rated class. The price is $30 for non members and $25 for members, tickets on sale now.

Dinner Date at Pagliacci’s.

  Searching for a romantic restaurant dinner with your special someone? Look no further than Pagliacci’s! Pagliacci’s is a local Italian restaurant with many vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. This hot spot often has live music (check on their website to see which nights!) as well as dinner by candlelight in the evening! The food is delicious and the vibe is genuinely very romantic and warm, perfect for a Valentine’s Day dinner for two! Be sure to arrive early and bring a coat; the line can get quite long and you may end up waiting outside for a while especially on weekends and holidays.             

 Pagliacci’s is open seven days a week and located on Broad and Fort street. For more information, please visit their website at https://pagliaccis.ca


The historical commercial buildings and local art make for a great (and free!) stroll with a loved one. The Empress and the Legislature also have nice landscaped garden areas to take photos or rest your feet! If you’re feeling up for a scenic stroll, try the David Foster Harbour Pathway and walk with a view of the water as you take in the downtown energy. Add some extra romance with a stop by a chocolate shop (Rogers’ Chocolates and Chocolat + Co. are my personal faves) and end the day watching the sunset (I know, another sunset but it’s a classic) on Dallas Road!

Visit a local bookstore

Even if you aren’t intending to buy any books (although it would be a great low-pressure way to surprise your significant other), local bookstores in Victoria often have great architecture and can inspire awesome conversation. Russell Books has been in Victoria since 1991 and recently opened up at their stunning new two-story location on Fort Street, which according to their website houses 18,000 square feet of retail space. You could spend hours happily browsing here and find some great deals on the used books they carry. You could also check out Munro’s Books, located on Government Street. The heritage building, which has received two awards, was originally built in 1909, designed for the Royal Bank of Canada and converted into a bookstore by Jim Munro in the 1950s. The stunning architecture only adds to the romantic ambience. Lastly, you could check out Bolen Books inside Hillside Mall. In addition to books, they have lots of puzzles, board games, crafts, and other fun activities for you and your partner to try out as another future date!

Victoria’s Haunted Mansion Mini Golf.

Sometimes you just want to get your heart rate up on a date! If so, I recommend checking out this spooky spot in Downtown Victoria. This activity is great to get you more active than another movie night in, and comes at a low cost. It is a 15-hole mini golf course which is perfect for testing out feelers if you are in the beginning stages of a relationship. You get to move around, have a laugh, and maybe a jump scare or two that could land you in your partner’s arms. You can also keep your spirits up here at the bar upstairs that serves a range of drinks to be enjoyed over a game of ping-pong. They also offer a selection of non-alcoholic refreshments too in order to help you stay hydrated.  

That’s it from us! Hopefully something on this list inspires you to plan a romantic date or even just a fun ‘galentines’ celebration with your friends. And if your SO is in charge of the planning this year, we also totally encourage you to accidentally send them the link to this article…

Happy Valentine’s!

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